Umbilical Cord Care

Umbilical Cord Care
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Umbilical Cord Care

The umbilical cord plays a vital role during pregnancy. Beside being the only tube-like structure that connects to the mothers, the umbilical is the life lune that supplies nutrients and oxygen to the developing foetus.
After birth, the umbilical cord is no longer needed as the baby can now breathe and feed on his/her own. There is clamped and cut, leaving a 2-3 cm stump.

The stump will fall off about 1-3 weeks after birth. The only remaining sign of its existence is the belly button that stays with your baby forever.

Guide to good cord care

  • Always keep the umbilical stump clean and dry. This helps to the healing process and prevents infection.
  • Clean the base of the stump with a cotton bud dipped in warm water. The American Academy of Padiatrics recommend using a little rubbing alcohol to minimise the risk of infection, especially if your baby is born premature.
  • You can also wash the stump with plain water or a mild soap. Make sure you pat the area dry before re-diapering your baby.
  • Fold the diaper down to leave stump expose to air. This keeps the stump dry and away from the waste collected in the diaper.
  • Do not pull the stump to break it off. Let it come away in its own course.
  • It is normal to see a little blood or lumpy flesh after the stump falls off.
  • Your baby is ready for a tub bath after the stump falls off.
When to see a doctor

  • Your baby appears unwell with fever, is lethargic and refuse to feed.
  • Swelling or redness in the navel area.
  • The stump is swollen, smelly or weepy.
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  • 脐带需要长期维持清洁和干身。主要是促进愈合的过程,也减少细菌感染的危险。
  • 用浸过温水的棉签清理连接肚脐的脐带。美国儿科医学院建议用少许的酒精涂抹,以减少细菌感染的风险,尤其当你的胎儿是早产儿。
  • 你也可以选择用清水或是温和的皂液清理脐带。记得在为你婴孩更换尿布前,你需要确定脐带的周遭清理干净,免于多余的水分。
  • 谨记不要尝试拉扯或是自行折断脐带。让脐带自然脱落。
  • 当脐带脱落后,少量的血迹,或是肉状块的肚脐是正常的现象。
  • 当脐带完全脱落后,你大可放心让你的婴孩享受浴缸浴。
¨ 当你的婴孩出现不舒服的症状,如发烧、昏昏嗜睡、拒绝进食。
¨ 肚脐的周遭发现肿胀或是发红。
¨ 当婴孩不断哭闹或是脐带的位置有红肿、异味。  

       翻译于: New parents Malaysia, Volume 8, page 83

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