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Warm Care Confinement Centre Story

Established in 2015, Warm Care offers the warmest one-stop confinement care services for new mothers and their newborns, helping the parent and infant to rejuvenate and establish a healthy bond between them. Throughout the confinement care period, mothers and babies will be assisted and served by our well-trained and highly professional confinement ladies.
Additionally, with the decade of experience in the industry, we prioritize the comfort of our postpartum mothers and newborns during their stay with us. Therefore, for our clients to have a pleasant postnatal stay, we have specially chosen our accommodation to be a semi-detached home that is tucked away from the hustle and bustle of the city, situated right in the heart of Shah Alam. Besides, our accommodation is guaranteed with the top quality of comfort, hygiene, and safety to ensure a speedy and healthy recovery of our new mothers. In addition to that, our accommodation is also meticulously designed as an exclusive private postpartum suite complemented with well-equipped facilities to provide the best environment for the mothers and babies to relax and rest comfortably.
With the principle that we have always held onto in the past five years, Warm Care Confinement Centre is always ready to assist and provide the most comprehensive care to our postpartum mothers and their babies, adhering to the traditional confinement practices. We aim to help mothers in all ways possible to adapt to a whole new journey called motherhood so that everyone can be a confident and healthy mother to their baby!

Tel: +6013-979 8262
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